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  • Jan272020
    Couple On The Beach

    New Year Resolutions for better health and wellbeing

    We all make them, but are you one of the 25% of people who ditch your New Year’s Resolutions after just a week? There’s one resolution that you might want to stick to this year, and that’s improving your health and wellbeing. One way that thousands of Brits have found to boost their lifestyle is relocating abroad. Spain is a

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  • Jan272020

    Where to go for holiday sun in January

    If January gives you the winter blues, you need some sun to cheer you up. And that means looking for holiday homes in Spain to buy or rent for part or all of the winter. If you fancy a longer relax in the sun, here are some ideas for making your budget stretch further. The plane in Spain Getting to

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  • Dec232019
    Classic Spanish Dishes

    Try these classic Spanish Christmas dishes

    Are you lucky enough to be spending Christmas in Spain? One of the pros of caravan ownership is that you can experience all the different traditions and festivals from the comfort of one of our holiday homes. That means dancing up a storm at the local fiesta or experiencing some of Spain’s incredible cuisine. Like many Europeans, the Spanish prefer

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  • Dec172019
    Christmas in Spain

    Celebrating Christmas and the New Year in Spain

    Those of you with holiday homes in warmer locations will know what a treat it is to celebrate Christmas abroad. It’s a time to create new traditions and enjoy old ones and Christmas in Spain is a real treat. There are celebrations throughout the festive season and don’t miss the biggest and oldest lottery in the world, El Gordo or

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  • Nov212019

    5 Top reasons to spend Christmas abroad this year

    One of the many pros of caravan ownership is the ability to get away whenever you like, summer and winter. And what better time to take a break than Christmas? If you’re bored with the same old Christmas songs and tatty tinsel or you just fancy doing things a little differently this year, here are our top 5 reasons for

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  • Sep182019
    hands holding a blue and white model home

    What should you know about caravan insurance?

    Owners of lodges and static caravans enjoy the freedom of affordable and comfortable holiday homes in the UK and Europe. But what happens when things go wrong and a relaxing break turns into a nightmare? That’s when you need static caravan insurance. This type of cover will protect you if anything goes wrong with your beloved caravan or your belongings.

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