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  • Apr192019
    Eiffel tower

    How do the French celebrate Easter?

    An Easter break across the Channel is the perfect way to recharge your batteries. But it’s also an opportunity to experience some very different Easter customs. So whether you plump for holiday homes in Brittany or lodges in the Dordogne, here’s our guide to celebrating Easter the French way! The legend of the bells The French think of chocolate as

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  • Mar192019
    Tenerife beach ocean sea view

    These Tenerife visitor activities are completely free!

    There’s so much more to Tenerife than most tourists realise. Far from just a party island, there’s so much to see and do, and all for free! So whether you’re recharging your batteries or contemplating relocating abroad, here are the best free activities in beautiful Tenerife. See some architectural wonders What do a Trojan helmet, a cobra and a wave

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  • Mar132019

    These ideas will spruce up your mobile holiday home

    Whether you’re on a staycation or thinking about relocating abroad, static caravans make great holiday homes while you find your feet and get out exploring. But what if your mobile holiday home is less than inviting? Here are a few ways to spruce up your caravan and make it a cosy bolthole that you’ll want to come back to! Keep

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  • Feb262019
    old couple hugging looking out over beach sunset

    6 signs that you’re ready to relocate abroad

    Have you dreamed of making a life in another country? For most of us, those dreams remain unfulfilled as we choose a family and career over making a big leap. Suddenly, we feel we’re getting too old to try something new. Time may be short, but it’s never too late to take the plunge and make the move. Ready to

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  • Feb112019
    Things to do in crete over rocky ocean image

    Things to do in Crete this February

    There’s no doubt some winter sun is a great way of recharging your batteries. And what better place to enjoy a break or even to think about relocating abroad than Crete? This stunningly beautiful island in the Eastern Mediterranean is a land of myths and legends with miles of white sandy beaches and breathtaking mountain scenery. Said to be the

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  • Jan182019

    There’s more to Pisa than the leaning tower! Top tourist attractions to see.

    Are you dreaming of spending the miserable winter months in romantic and vibrant Italy? It’s the ideal time to see everything that this beautiful country has to offer, without the crowds. And whether you rent a holiday home or mobile home with low ground rent, there’s so much to see you may want to move in all year round. Another

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