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  • May182020

    When will I be able to travel abroad again?

    After living through weeks of lockdown, we all feel like a treat. And for most of us, that means the annual two week break in the sun. Currently, the FCO has banned all non-essential travel, but the picture is rapidly changing across Europe. Tourist hotspots such as Spain and France are giving British holidaymakers hope that they may soon be

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  • May142020
    mobile home cosy

    How will Covid-19 affect our holiday patterns in future?

    In just a few weeks, the Covid-19 crisis has upended the way we live, work and travel. But just how is the coronavirus likely to affect our holiday patterns in future? As lockdown begins to ease in the UK and Europe, there’s a glimmer of hope for holidaymakers looking forward to two weeks of relaxation in the sun. Spain and

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  • Mar182020
    Belem Tower Portugal

    Things to do in Lisbon this Spring

    Spring and early Summer are the perfect times to visit Lisbon, the Portuguese capital nestled on the banks of the Tagus. With temperatures climbing and plenty of sunshine to be had, this delightful city is well worth a trip. Whether you take long walks to see the sites of one of Europe’s most beautiful capital cities or catch up on

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  • Feb182020

    New year upgrades to freshen your mobile home

    Over the years, static caravans can start to show signs of wear and tear. New Year is the perfect time to give holiday homes and lodges a quick update – not only will you freshen up your decor, but you could also add value, too! Here are the quick and affordable fixes you need to do now to enjoy a

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  • Feb172020
    douro-river portugal

    Top reasons to move to Portugal

    Do you long to escape to the sun? Portugal consistently tops polls of the best countries for relocating abroad. It combines the beauty of France and Italy, the climate of Spain and the low cost of living of Eastern Europe in one incredible package. If you and your friends are looking for reasons to buy holiday homes in warmer locations,

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  • Jan272020
    Couple On The Beach

    New Year Resolutions for better health and wellbeing

    We all make them, but are you one of the 25% of people who ditch your New Year’s Resolutions after just a week? There’s one resolution that you might want to stick to this year, and that’s improving your health and wellbeing. One way that thousands of Brits have found to boost their lifestyle is relocating abroad. Spain is a

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