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  • Sep182019
    hands holding a blue and white model home

    What should you know about caravan insurance?

    Owners of lodges and static caravans enjoy the freedom of affordable and comfortable holiday homes in the UK and Europe. But what happens when things go wrong and a relaxing break turns into a nightmare? That’s when you need static caravan insurance. This type of cover will protect you if anything goes wrong with your beloved caravan or your belongings.

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  • Sep162019
    retired couple on a beach

    Top reasons to retire abroad

    Whether you want to kick back and relax or start a new and exciting chapter in your life, retirement is full of opportunities. And one of the best ways to make the most of them is to consider a relocation abroad. If that sounds tempting, here are some of the best reasons to up sticks and retire abroad. Enjoy a

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  • Aug292019
    Greek Village and dock

    Hidden gems that every Greek tourist should visit!

    Those of us who are lucky enough to own holiday homes in Greece know what an incredible country it is. From the stunning beaches to the rugged countryside, every island and city has its own character. But if you’ve already visited the Acropolis and the palace of Knossos, or you’ve experienced all the delights of Kos and Santorini, you may

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  • Aug272019
    rio gold mobile home kitchen

    Make your caravan look luxurious with these low-cost designer hacks

    Make your caravan look luxurious with these low-cost designer hacks Does your home look shabby and definitely not chic? The same thing could be happening to your holiday home’s interior as fittings age and furniture goes out of style. But help is at hand. With these clever low-cost designer hacks, the most neglected caravans can start looking luxurious! Pick your

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  • Jul192019
    family smiling 2

    Family games to play on a caravan holiday with the kids

    Summer is a great time to get friends and family together on holiday. For those of us lucky enough to own lodges and holiday homes on a park abroad, it’s the perfect way to spend time exploring new scenery and a different culture, having fun and relaxing in the sun. But if the weather takes a turn for the worse

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  • Jul152019
    Mobile Home in Spain

    How to keep your mobile home cool in hot summer weather

    For dedicated sun worshippers, holiday homes in the sun are what it’s all about. From static caravans to grand lodges, mobile homes are an affordable way to enjoy beautiful weather for longer, especially when you buy your holiday home on a fantastic park in Spain, Portugal or the Greek Islands. But when a heat wave hits, day after day of

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