Mobile Homes Abroad - For your Caravan in the Sun - Residential style mobile home parks in Europe

  • Jul192019
    family smiling 2

    Family games to play on a caravan holiday with the kids

    Summer is a great time to get friends and family together on holiday. For those of us lucky enough to own lodges and holiday homes on a park abroad, it’s the perfect way to spend time exploring new scenery and a different culture, having fun and relaxing in the sun. But if the weather takes a turn for the worse

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  • Jul152019
    Mobile Home in Spain

    How to keep your mobile home cool in hot summer weather

    For dedicated sun worshippers, holiday homes in the sun are what it’s all about. From static caravans to grand lodges, mobile homes are an affordable way to enjoy beautiful weather for longer, especially when you buy your holiday home on a fantastic park in Spain, Portugal or the Greek Islands. But when a heat wave hits, day after day of

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  • Jun172019
    Costa brava ocean view

    Our favourite reasons to visit Costa Brava this summer

    One of the many benefits of caravan ownership is getting to know the places that the tourists don’t see. And nowhere is that truer than on Spain’s Costa Brava. This stunning 200 km long stretch of coastline is famed for its crystal clear waters and golden sandy beaches but there’s plenty more to explore. This spectacular coast offers great food,

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  • Jun132019
    Mobile home with porch

    Adding an outside room to your mobile home with a porch

    One of the best additions you can make to your mobile home is a porch. More than just somewhere to sit and sip a glass of wine when the sun goes down, a porch adds an entire outdoor room, giving you some incredible extra living space. It’s easy enough to plan a deck, although you’re likely to need permission from

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  • May152019
    Charnwood 2019 Exterior

    Why should you buy your own caravan holiday home?

    The UK has an enduring love affair with the caravan. It’s estimated that are currently 555,000 touring caravans on the roads, but not every caravan owner actually hits the open road. In fact, in 2019 there were 365,000 caravan holiday homes across Britain and they continue to grow in popularity. That’s because they’re increasingly seen as the cool and affordable

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  • May142019
    woman walking in Lisbon holding shoes

    Why Millennials are flocking to relocate in Lisbon

    There are currently 1.1 million people working in the gig economy in the UK alone. But because of the flexibility of their work, many millennials are upping sticks and heading for the sun. After all, if your office is your laptop, all you need is an internet connection – and who wouldn’t want to work somewhere sunnier and more affordable?

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