Great decorating ideas for your mobile home

Great decorating ideas for your mobile home
15th August 2018 Mobile Homes Abroad
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Choose a mobile home in a scenic park and you’ll have wonderful exteriors to look at every day. But what if you’re interior doesn’t match up? Decorating a mobile home can seem challenging, but make that a virtue and use colour and classic decorating tricks to really opens up space. Remember, with a smaller space, you can afford to look at high end finishes that will fall within your budget.

Colour sets the mood
Decorating a mobile home is all about doing the basics well, and that starts with colour. First, add a coat of bright white satin to the ceiling – it immediately opens up space and bounces back the light.

Sticking to a neutral palette certainly makes sense in your open living areas. Creams, pale greys, beiges and off-whites create a feeling of open space and make the perfect backdrop to pops of colour.

Add warmth
If cool Scandi neutrals are too bland, or you want to get away from a panelled look, then try rich and warm jewelled colours on the wall – a Moroccan inspired palette of blues and greens can look stunning and will add plenty of warmth.

Otherwise, try wallpapering a feature wall to make the most of the panelled effect, using it as a framing device. Or use a modern wallpaper that replicates wood panelling or planking for an unusual and on-trend look.

Functionality and flexibility
Going clutter-free is the key to mobile home living, so invest in great storage. Make vertical wall space really work for you in the kitchen and bathroom and make sure furniture has multifunctional storage.

Choose plain upholstery and curtains, but in really high-quality fabrics. Don’t be tempted to buy lots of smaller pieces of furniture – buy fewer pieces that really fit the space.

Flooring facelift
There are so many great flooring choices, from environmentally friendly cork to affordable and beautiful engineered wood. If you have a relatively small floor space, go for the best quality flooring you can afford.

Wood has a timeless appeal, from honeyed oak to rich walnut, while ceramics are both practical and beautiful and can mimic stone or even wood. Luxury vinyl tiles are a smart choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Then dress up your floors with richly patterned or thick pile rugs for warmth and cosiness.

Soften the kitchen
Don’t be stuck with oversized cabinets that overwhelm the space. Choose furniture that uses a lot of glass and keeps colours light and soft. Pastel kitchens are very on trend and gloss white or pale grey opens up space and never dates. Add modern hardware and taps for the perfect finishing touch.

Open up the bathroom
Style your bathroom in monochrome or natural tones. Keep it light, bright and white in different tints and hues. Choose natural accents like green plants, pebbles and thick fluffy towels and invest in a good light up mirror to really open up space.

Luxurious and minimal bedrooms
Choose low-level beds with streamlined storage beneath for a minimal look. You can afford to really let loose in the bedroom, so whether you love country theme, industrial, shabby chic or fresh and minimal, anything goes so long as you keep the overall look clean and uncluttered.

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