How to buy the perfect mobile home

How to buy the perfect mobile home
28th August 2018 Mobile Homes Abroad
Holiday home

Are you looking for a flexible holiday home? Do you want a no-commitment way to try out living abroad? Whatever your reasons for buying a mobile home in the sun, you’ll want to get the very best value for your investment.

Location, location, location
Do you dream of La Dolce Vita in Italy, some French provincial charm or maybe some Iberian sun? The location you choose will depend on whether you want a rentable holiday home, some winter sun or a downsized retirement home.

Once you know where you’d love to find your mobile home in the sun, start researching parks and mobile home offers. You can also contact your chosen parks directly or check out their websites.

Think about finances
You won’t be able to finance a mobile home as you would a bricks and mortar building, but that needn’t be an issue. Many mobile homes are available with financing options that let you spread the costs after an initial down payment, just like a mortgage. But because your mobile home costs less, you’ll be a homeowner much more quickly! Try and buy in sterling, so there are no exchange rates to think about.

Make a visit
Before you pay any deposit, you must see the mobile home yourself – after all, you wouldn’t buy a house without a visit, would you? It’s not necessary to take a surveyor, but it is recommended – try and find a professional with specific expertise in surveying mobile homes.

Check that the fabric of the home is in good order and that there are no obvious dents, bashes or scratches. Use the nose test for damp and make sure that all plumbing and electrics are up to date, for peace of mind.

New or pre-owned?
There are advantages and disadvantages to buying new and second-hand. New homes are built to higher standards and typically require less maintenance. They often offer bespoke features, but they are obviously more expensive than buying pre-owned.

If you’re working on a tight budget, then a second-hand mobile home can make a great choice. Don’t be put off by dated fixtures and fittings – think of an older mobile home as a doer upper that you can decorate just the way you like it.

Check the fine print
Always read the agreement that comes with your home and, if necessary, have it looked over by a solicitor. Don’t get caught out by clauses relating to site fees or whether you can live at your chosen site all year round – take a good look at the fine print before you sign anything.

Check whether your home comes with a warranty, even if buying pre-owned, and what your responsibilities as an owner are. Will you need to keep your home well maintained, or even replace it after a certain period of time? If you’re a pet owner, then make sure that your pets are welcome.

If you do your homework, then buying a mobile home can be plain sailing. You’ll have a home to love for years to come with little of the hassle that comes with buying bricks and mortar.

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