What should you know about caravan insurance?

What should you know about caravan insurance?
18th September 2019 Mobile Homes Abroad
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Owners of lodges and static caravans enjoy the freedom of affordable and comfortable holiday homes in the UK and Europe. But what happens when things go wrong and a relaxing break turns into a nightmare? That’s when you need static caravan insurance.

This type of cover will protect you if anything goes wrong with your beloved caravan or your belongings. And if you’re one of the growing number of people who are opting into the static caravan lifestyle, then the peace of mind is definitely worth it.

What is static caravan insurance?

Insuring your caravan isn’t a legal requirement but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider protecting your caravan and its contents. Your policy will cover any static caravan, lodge or park home that’s permanently sited and most park owners will expect you to have your own insurance.

Just because you don’t take your caravan on the road doesn’t mean that accidents and damage can’t happen. You’re better to be covered than to face a hefty repair bill.

What does it cover?

Static caravan insurance should cover damage, destruction or loss due to extreme weather or fire, plus loss or damage as a result of crime. If you want to insure your belongings then you’ll need a policy that includes contents insurance, just as you would for a bricks and mortar property.

The age and value of your caravan and contents will affect the policy you’re offered. Newer caravans can be covered under a new for an old policy where you’ll be given new replacements or the equivalent value. Older caravans will be covered for their current market value only.

The level of cover varies between different policies so always read the small print.

What are the benefits?

– You’ll enjoy complete peace of mind even if damage occurs when you’re not using your caravan
– You can protect your caravan against damage from natural causes such as storms
– You can cover everything from cosmetic damage to replacement of contents

Are there any exclusions to watch out for?

Static caravan cover can be as comprehensive as you need, but all owners need to be aware that there are some common exclusions. These include:

– Using your static caravan as your main residence or as business premises
– Wear and tear
– Damage caused by pets or vermin
– Theft if your caravan is left unsecured

Check the terms & conditions on your policy so you don’t get caught out.

Any optional extras?

Depending on the way in which you use your caravan, you might like to add cover for use by family and friends or for letting out your caravan when you’re not using it. You may need European cover if your caravan is sited abroad and excess cover will protect against nasty surprises.

How can I find the best cover for my static caravan?

At Caravans in the Sun, we’ve teamed up with Intasure to offer the very best cover for your holiday homes. Enjoy new for old cover on caravans up to 20 years old and cover for short and long term lets as standard, along with re-siting costs and public liability insurance plus storm, theft and malicious damage cover as standard. And all backed up by an English speaking support team for total peace of mind.

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