Things to do in Lisbon this Spring

Things to do in Lisbon this Spring
18th March 2020 Mobile Homes Abroad
Belem Tower Portugal

Spring and early Summer are the perfect times to visit Lisbon, the Portuguese capital nestled on the banks of the Tagus. With temperatures climbing and plenty of sunshine to be had, this delightful city is well worth a trip.

Whether you take long walks to see the sites of one of Europe’s most beautiful capital cities or catch up on your culture if it rains, Lisbon is one place you won’t want to miss. So why not enjoy it without the crowds?

Visit Lisbon’s quirky museums

No visitor should miss a trip to the National Museum of Ancient Art for its deep insights into thirteen centuries of Portuguese culture. But Lisbon has a wealth of other interesting and quirky museums for the visitor to explore.

Don’t miss the incredible Monstra animated film festival that regularly stages exhibits in museums such as the Museu da Marioneta or puppet museum. Or visit the Doll Hospital or the National Coach Museum for a different perspective on Portuguese life. And no trip is complete without visiting the Museum of Fado that celebrates Portugal’s unique musical tradition.

Enjoy its rich foodie heritage

Lisbon’s widespread colonial legacy is reflected in its food, with influences from the Americas to Asia and Africa. This is the home of the original piri piri chicken brought over by African immigrants and there are restaurants celebrating food from Mozambique, China and Cape Verde.

No trip to Portugal or Lisbon would be complete without savouring traditional Portuguese foods including bacalhau (salt cod) and the delectable little custard tarts known as pastel de nata.

Take a trip to Belem

You won’t want to miss a trip to this laidback district along the Tagus river. Known for its beautifully decorated houses with their colourful ceramic tiles and its superb seafood restaurants, Belem is also home to some of Lisbon’s most spectacular monuments including the monastery and the world-famous tower. Don’t miss the monument commemorating Lisbon’s Age of Discovery, with its panoramic views and statues of Vasco de Gama and Ferdinand Magellan amongst other famous figures from Portugal’s centuries of exploration.

Belem is also home to the Cultural Centre of Belem, where you can take in the incredible Berardo Collection of Modern Art featuring works by Chagall, Warhol, Mapplethorpe and Hockney. Then catch a concert performance or just relax with a coffee enjoying the breathtaking views.

Take a stroll in the park

When the sun’s shining, there’s nothing nicer than a walk in the park and the Parque das Nações has plenty to occupy any visitor, even if it rains. If the weather is good, try trekking the length of the Vasco de Gama bridge – at over 17km the longest in Europe. Or view the town and sea from the sky by taking a ride on the spectacular cable car.

Arguably the biggest attraction is the Oceanarium, the largest aquarium in Europe. Built into the banks of the mighty Tagus river, it’s home to over 400 different species from otters and penguins to sharks.

If you’re looking for holiday homes in warmer locations then Lisbon is hard to beat. With so much to see and do, it’s a treat to visit at any time of year, but springtime lets you enjoy this spectacular city without the crowds for an unparalleled experience.

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