Benefits of buying a mobile home

Benefits of buying a mobile home
9th March 2016 Clark Kay

Buying a mobile home

Benefits of a mobile home

Mobile homes are fast becoming a popular choice with people looking for a holiday home, or an alternative retirement home. In 2009 it was estimated that around 200,000 people owned a mobile home or caravan on a residential park in the UK, with many choosing to downsize in retirement. With British weather becoming more unreliable the majority of buyers are looking abroad for their home. According to, up to 70% of us are flocking abroad in search of a holiday home and in particular to France and Spain. While mobile homes don’t offer the investment that a house would, they do offer excellent value for money. Mobile home company, Caravans in the Sun offer a number of options if you wanted to settle abroad, including parks in Portugal, Spain, Tenerife and Italy. If you were thinking about a mobile home as an option, it’s not an easy decision to make, where to buy etc. To help we’ve put together a few reasons we believe a mobile home is not only a good investment but something that any family can enjoy and make their home.

1.They are cheaper than bricks and mortar

With the housing market as it stands at the moment a lot of young people are moving Trigano mobile homes for sale back in with mum and dad to help save for their first abode. The housing crisis still remains a significant problem with local authorities struggling to keep up with the demand for new homes. With this in mind, the  benefit of a mobile home is they are much cheaper but with the same luxury of a house. Newly built mobile homes can start from as little as £16.495, which includes 2 bedrooms, a modern kitchen and bathroom. Even £45.995 would buy you a luxurious 3-bedroom Victor Harmony model in the Vendee region of France. Although you wouldn’t see a return on a mobile home like you might on a house or a flat, they are still a fantastic option.

2.You can take the luxury aboard:

There are a number of parks in the UK where you can buy and site your mobile home, but they don’t offer the same all year round sunshine as Portugal or Spain does.  If you’ve always wanted to up sticks for all year round sun, then this could be the option for you. Destinations such as Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and even Morocco could be your new home.  Caravans in the Sun offer a variety of locations for your mobile home, including Tenerife, which is a popular choice for holiday makers. The park is based in Las Gallatas in Los Cristianos where rain is so infrequent it can be a welcome relief to the sun when it does make an appearance.

3.You get pick your own spot of heaven:

When purchasing your mobile home from Caravans in the Sun, you can head over to the park in the country of your choice and pick your spot. Viewing trips offer the opportunity to look around the park and get acquainted with the surrounding area. The team will take you on a viewing trip to your park of choice and show you around the park, the area and give you a helping hand in making the decision. With parks in hotspots such as Tenerife that are only a couple of hour’s flight away, it might be hard to decide where to set up home.

4.You can holiday all year round:

Los Cristianos beach - Tenerife mobile homesWhether you chose to live in your mobile home full time or just a few months of the year, or even just using it as a holiday home, you get to enjoy the sunshine anytime you want. Escaping the drizzle of British weather is what attracts most people to flying off to their holiday destinations. Owning a mobile home would mean you wouldn’t have to worry about this ever again. You are guaranteed sunshine all year round in some gorgeous locations such as Tenerife. The majority of the holiday parks that Caravans in the Sun work with are open 12 months of the year and flights to most of the parks easy to come across, it would make stressful holiday planning a thing of the past. Average temperatures in Tenerife range from 17 degrees in January, climbing to 24 degrees in August and back to 17 in December.

5.They offer a second income:

If used as a holiday home only a small number of times throughout the year, a mobile home could be seen as a way of making extra income. Whether it be rented out to family and friends or professionally advertised as a holiday rental. For example, the mobile home park in Tenerife, where the estimated occupancy of 169 nights out of 365 offers a total estimated net profit of €5,489, this is minus management fee and ground rent. Caravans in the Sun recommend that the homes are rented out to no more than 4 people. Below is how these example figures have been worked out.

July 21 nights @ 65 € =1365 €
Aug 28 nights @ 65 € = 1820 €
Sep 12 nights @ 65 € = 780 €
Oct 12 nights @ 65 € = 780 €
Nov 12 nights @ 65 € = 780 €
Dec 12 nights @ 65 € = 780 €
Jan. 12 nights @ 65 € = 780 €
Feb 12 nights @ 65 € = 780 €
Mar 12 nights @ 65 € = 780 €
Apr 12 nights @ 65 € = 780 €
May 12nights @ 65 € = 780 €
Jun 12 nights @ 65 € = 780 €

Electricity & Water are included in the ground rent and the home will sleep 6 but they are suggesting no more than 4 people stay in the home at one given time.

Gross: 11.005€.
Minus management fee of 25% {2,751) = 8,254 €
Minus ground rent 4,032 €
Net profit = 4,222 €‎

Plus, additional 10 euro per night for 13-foot-wide homes 1,267 €

Total estimated net profit = 5,489 €.

Most of the parks allow sub-letting, but it would be worth checking with the site owners to make sure before you purchase if this was something you wanted to do.

6.They offer a sense of community:

The residential parks where mobile homes are located offer a great sense of security and community. On the Tenerife site for Mobile homes in Tenerifeexample, the park is close to shops, banks, bars and restaurants with Playa de las Americas a mere 15-20-minute drive away. Las Galletas also has a morning fishing market which sells fresh and locally caught fish such as tuna.

7. Health benefits

Moving abroad to countries that offer all year round sunshine, such as Tenerife can offer some major health benefits. Even just living there 6 months out of the year could prove to be beneficial. As soon as you step off that plane you instantly feel more relaxed when on holiday and it can even reduce depression and stress. Living by the sea can also help. Therapeutic effects of the sea can also help reduce improve relaxation and walks along the beach helps to improve physical health and fitness.

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