Top reasons to retire abroad

Top reasons to retire abroad
16th September 2019 Mobile Homes Abroad
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Whether you want to kick back and relax or start a new and exciting chapter in your life, retirement is full of opportunities. And one of the best ways to make the most of them is to consider a relocation abroad. If that sounds tempting, here are some of the best reasons to up sticks and retire abroad.

Enjoy a better standard of living

An increasing number of us retire with low savings and that can be a concern when you’re on the verge of giving up work. Moving to a country with a lower standard of living can make your savings stretch further and give you a comfortable standard of living in retirement.

But your standard of living isn’t just about your outgoings. It’s also about the quality of life you enjoy; that good bottle of wine with a meal or more hours of sunshine to pursue an active outdoor lifestyle. Moving abroad can mean that what were luxuries at home become part of your everyday lifestyle.

Get active

You might already pursue an active lifestyle, but retirement gives everyone the opportunity to do more and increasing exercise can improve your health and wellbeing. Moving to somewhere with a pleasant all year round climate will give you the opportunity to get out and about throughout the seasons, even if it’s just to stroll to your favourite cafe!

Saying goodbye to the long and miserable winter months is a fantasy for most of us. Retirement is a great time to make your dreams come true – and you’ll save on your utility bills into the bargain.

Be adventurous

Stimulating your brain is a great way to slow down the ageing process. Retiring abroad means that you’ll be learning a new language and exploring a new culture as you reboot your lifestyle and enjoy a new adventure.

Embracing the opportunities you uncover to try a new cuisine, meet new people and visit new places can change your entire outlook and give you that new lease of life we all crave. By retiring abroad, you’re saying yes to adventure and seeing where the opportunity takes you. And that’s an exciting way to live.

No regrets

Maybe you love to surf or you’ve always wanted to learn to fly. Perhaps you envisage yourself painting your masterpiece, writing a novel or converting an old building from hovel to palace. If you’re priced out of those opportunities in your home country, retiring abroad could let you indulge all those existing passions and even find new ones.

It’s never too late to start making your dreams come true and you’ll find that, wherever you go, there are others who’ve had the same great idea and are making the most of their golden years. If you’ve had to make sacrifices during your working life, now’s the time to put you first.

Retiring abroad can give you the opportunity to live life to the full, realising all those unfulfilled ambitions. Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from heading off for the adventure of a lifetime when you have the time and the wisdom to make the most of it!

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