Owning a mobile home abroad: the benefits

Owning a mobile home abroad: the benefits
24th July 2018 Mobile Homes Abroad
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Do you want to dip your toe into the French property market without risk? Then investing in a mobile home might be the ideal choice for you. In fact, a park home is the ideal stepping stone into a different lifestyle. Low cost, low hassle and with plenty of choice available, a mobile home in France could be just what you’re looking for!

An affordable choice
Many of us dream of a holiday home abroad but assume it’s beyond our reach financially. That’s where a park home is a smart choice. You can own a fully fitted lodge in a park on the Cote d’Azur for as little as £30,000 and there are even more affordable options depending on location.

Best of all, not only will you save money on your holiday accommodation in future, you’ll also be able to rent out your mobile home when you’re not using it. And because it’s on a park, you’ll have all the amenities you could want at your fingertips.

No fees, no laws, no taxes
When you buy a brick and mortar property in France, you need to pay notary fees and they can add up – with a park home, you can save around 10% on the price of a holiday property, giving you more money to play with. And because your mobile home is not a fixed asset, it’s not subject to French taxation or inheritance laws, both of which can be complex, particularly if you have a large blended family.

If you buy through a UK based company, you can pay in sterling. That means you know exactly what your upfront costs are and you don’t need to watch the currency markets to get the best deal for your exchange rate.

Incredible locations, great facilities
Anywhere you go in France, there’s stunning scenery, from the vineyards of the Loire valley to the mountains of the Languedoc, and from the beautiful woods and valleys of the Dordogne to the stunning beaches of Brittany or the Cote d’Azur.

One of the big benefits of choosing a mobile home is the choice of locations. Because they’re park-based, they’re always found in some of the most stunning regions of France. You’ll enjoy the tranquillity and facilities of your park location, along with easy access to local towns and tourist hotspots. Enjoy a morning swim in the pool, a spot of shopping at the local market and then an apéritif under the stars on your own deck.

Low maintenance lifestyle
Perhaps the biggest bonus of a park home is the low maintenance lifestyle. It’s the ultimate lock up and leave holiday home because you can rest assured that your mobile home will be looked after by staff at the park. There may even be additional security measures like CCTV, for peace of mind.

Best of all, each time you return, your home will look spick and span, with no decoration or gardening to do, meaning you can get on with the serious business of enjoying your holiday.

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